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15 Signs You're Living With An Actor

Basically, you're living with a narcissist.

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1. They rehearse in the living room 1000 times a day with the music volume up high.

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2. They constantly sing in the shower.

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And sometimes it doesn't sound good.

3. They are sensitive to anything you say.

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Even if it's something harmless.

4. When they invite their actor friends over, they multiply.

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5. They have rehearsals everyday.

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6. They walk around naked.

The CW

7. God help you if they break up with someone.

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They're great at being dramatic.

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8. You have to be fake happy when they get small roles.

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Yes, you're extra # 34. Cool.

9. They criticize you for not eating organic foods.

10. All topics lead back to how they are "feeling".

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11. Everyday, their mood changes drastically.

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CBS / Via

12. Sometimes the things they say catches you off guard.

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They're just a bit random.

13. They leave their scripts all over the living room/kitchen.

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14. Don't get between their devotion to a gym or yoga class.

15. They believe even the most mundane events in life could lead to their big break.

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