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Your Life Will Never Be As Cute As A Koala's

The koala is a small bear-like, tree-dwelling, herbivorous marsupial. And the cutest little bear-like, non-bear you will ever see.

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They will climb your leg just to cuddle.

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And make your average day seem entirely lacking in fuzzy hugs.

They eat eucalyptus leaves with the tinest of bites.

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And they eat an average of 500 g (18 oz) of eucalyptus leaves tiny bite by tiny bite each day.

They rarely drink.

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Koala's receives over 90% of their hydration from Eucalyptus leaves. They only drink water when they aren't getting enough moisture from the leaves. When they do drink, it's like catching a shooting star of adorableness.

They wiggle their ears when you tickle them.

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(But don't we all.)

They are awesome at hanging out in trees.

They hang on with their speically designed claws and long toes. The front paws actually have two thumbs to help them grip branches strongly. (Do you have 2 thumbs on each hand? I didn't think so. Get out of that tree.)

Your life will never be as cute as a Koala's.

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