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Cats Who Are Trying The Paleo Diet

Just the like cavecats used to eat.

A Paleo diet is based on what we ate during the Paleolithic Era, mostly native meat, fish, and plants.

No grains allowed, so get rid of all that bread and pasta.

You're going to miss pasta.

And bread.

No potatoes, which means no fries.

No legumes.

No dairy.

Even ice cream.

No cake.

And especially no refined sugars.

or any junk food.

What's left?!

You can eat all kinds of meat.

Even hamburgers. But no buns!

The best news: you can eat bacon!

And fish!

And eggs!

There are a lot of delicious greens to choose from.

Try some vegetables you're skeptical of.

Even kale.

Be creative with salads.

If you're sick of the regular fruit choices

try some pineapple.

Or melon.

You can never have too much melon.

There are even some paleo-friendly cookies.

Seriously! They're good!

You will feel so healthy.

And won't have to hide at the beach.

Pretty soon all your friends will want to try it.

But let's hope the next fad diet is an all ice cream diet.