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    9 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Cambio De Colores Conference

    Cambio de Colores (Change of Color) is an annual conference that focuses on research, best practices, and workshops that can be used by communities to assist the integration of Latino newcomers and immigrants in the Midwest.

    1. Because you'll be smarter by 3 days.

    2. Because trying to schedule a meeting is almost impossible.

    3. Because bilingual education is important.

    4. Really. Supporting bilingual individuals is important.

    5. Because supporting Latin@ youths in 4-H is important.

    6. Because having a culturally competent health system is important.

    7. Because Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., the President of the United States Hispanic Leaderships Institute, is one of our speakers!

    8. Because everyone at the conference is friendly and fun!

    9. Because you'll want to come back next year!

    Make sure to register for the Cambio de Colores 2016 Conference!