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Scottish independence: 12 things that the £1400 #UKDividend could buy

New financial analysis shows that every one of us in Scotland will be £1400 better off every year staying part of the UK than we would be if we voted for independence. But how far does £1400 go? Here are 12 examples.

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3. Hop on the bus between Glasgow and Edinburgh (and back) 127 times. That’s the equivalent of a daily commute for more than 5 and half months.

6. Fill up your fuel tank for the whole year with money leftover for an MOT and a few trips to the car wash.

Flickr: edduddiee / Via Edd Sowden on Flickr Flickr: edduddiee

Average household spend on petrol/diesel for personal transport in Scotland: £1123.20, average MOT costs: £29.65- £124.50.

Source: ONS - Table A35 and GOV.UK

7. Watch Aberdeen play all season with two mates – with a few pies and Bovrils thrown in for good measure.

Flickr: joeshlabotnik / Via Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr Flickr: joeshlabotnik

Average cost: £425 for one 2014/15 main stand season ticket.

Source: - correct on May 16, 2014

9. Share a meal of fish and chips with your family every day for around 10 weeks, with a couple of portions of mushy peas thrown in.

Flickr: 71256895@N00 / Via Carol on Flickr Flickr: 71256895@N00

Average cost of fish and chips in UK: £4.74 per portion.

Based on family of 4 sharing meal.

Source: BBC News

12. And finally, you’ll still have enough left over for endless hugs with everyone to celebrate being in a United Kingdom.

Flickr: hien_it / Via Hien Nguyen on Flickr Flickr: hien_it

And if you’re still in need of a reason to smile, go to Inverness – it’s the second happiest place in the UK.

Source: Rightmove

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