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    Scotland. The UK. 10 Myths. 10 Facts.

    What would happen to Scotland if we become independent? From our global relationships to our oil revenues, this blog looks at the myths, and realities, of the Scottish independence debate.

    1. Myth: Our global relationships won’t change

    2. Myth: We’ll still play the National Lottery and share much-loved national institutions with the UK

    3. Myth: We’ll be an EU member (and inherit the same terms and conditions that the UK currently enjoys)

    4. Myth: We’ll keep the UK pound

    5. Myth: We wouldn’t have to bailout our banks – international investors bailed them out before

    6. Myth: The answers are in the independence white paper and it all adds up

    7. Myth: There would be tax cuts and more spending in an independent Scotland

    8. Myth: Westminster won’t devolve more powers

    9. Myth: You can’t trust unionists, they’re just negative

    10. Myth: Remaining North Sea oil and gas is worth £1.5 trillion - and at least £6.8 billion in Scottish tax revenues in first year of independence

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