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Are You Ed Roberts Or Judy Heumann?

The birth of the disability rights movement took place during the 1960s but, two activists from opposite coasts became revolutionary leaders in the fight for disabled people to be treated like humans who deserve equal rights the same as their nondisabled counterparts. A brand-new concept at the time! So are you like the East Coast juggernaut Judy Heumann or are you all about the West Coast style of Ed Roberts AKA the father of the Independent Living movement?

YodisabledandProud 2 years ago

Which Disability Leader Are You?

Think you know the answer, you don't. We love Ed Roberts and Justin Dart but we want to shine some light on some underappreciated disability leaders. check out our website and join the YO! Listserv to learn more about upcoming opportunities!

YodisabledandProud 2 years ago