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Nick Taylor Is Dead...

You probably didn't know him, but he gave up his life for our country a couple weeks ago. Didn't win a Gold, Silver or Bronze, but his family has his dog-tags...

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Another young man, far too young to have offended any god, is now buried in the dirt.

Where's the national outpouring of loss and support for this soldier's sacrifice? Why doesn't this story lead in the national news?

Oh, right, there's Olympics on across the ocean. We have new "heroes" to celebrate with big shiny medals affirming our national balls, and don't forget the close-in analysis of the latest bullshit surrounding our upcoming presidential election. Our big issues in this election are the economy, Obamacare and our international stature. Not a fucking word about the war in Afghanistan, or this young hero's death, a direct result of his job clearing IEDs to save other soldier's lives. Oh, you forgot we're at war? Well, that's understandable, I guess. Who the hell wants to remember such an ugly goddamn thing?

Fuck us. Fuck us all to hell for allowing this continued atrocity, this continued sacrifice of young lives on the alter of politics. Yes, goddamn you, this is, and always was, a political war, a legacy of George W. Bush's attempt to demonstrate that he wasn't a pussy like his father was to some. Yeah, George H. W. Bush, a decorated Navy bomber pilot during World War II, who ended up being considered by some to be a pussy for not killing Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War.

Well, George W. Bush is no pussy, by god, and Nick Taylor is dead and the world doesn't give a shit.

So, what are we worked up about? Well, some old bag got verbally abused to tears by some middle-school twats and scored a $700k pity-payout, so, should she retire now? A mass-murdering punk shot up a movie theater, is this gonna queer the buzz on this year's blockbuster movie?, Chick-fil-a doesn't like faggots, Cheney admits Palin is a political twat and there's always the latest update on Snookie's cunt and whatever troglodyte she's cooking in there. Heavy stuff...

I wonder how much this grateful nation will donate to Spc. Taylor's family for their pain, suffering and tears. $700k like the old bus broad? Nah, she made good TV, he's just another dead grunt. Bet the local small-town people come up with something, I mean, it's right there in their face. Maybe a couple of grand. Maybe. Of course there's always Taylor's GI insurance, that should help, that's a fair trade for a dead son.

We could stop this war, you know. All we'd have to do is march and protest and harangue our politicians until they just fucking stopped it cold. It happened in Vietnam, and would be even easier today with the trillions of of yappers we have on Twitter and Facebook alone. But we're not gonna.

Fuck us all, and respect for Army Specialist Nick Taylor of Roanoke, Indiana and his family and friends.

Read the linked article, damn you. It's almost the very least you can do...

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