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    10 Times "Arthur" Parodied The Real World In A Very Clever And Funny Way

    Henry Skreever = Harry Potter.

    1. Henry Skreever instead of Harry Potter:

    2. World Girl dolls instead American Girl dolls:

    3. Horrendously Horrible Happenings instead of A Series of Unfortunate Events:

    4. Then there’s Bionic Bunny...

    Buster as a superhero named "the bionic bunny" flying throw the sky with a red cape

    ...and Dark Bunny.

    Buster as a superhero with a black mask, and a bunny signal being shone in the sky

    ...who are most definitely Superman and Batman.

    5. Dr. Whosit instead of Doctor Who:

    6. The Chronicles of Ahmayzzia instead of The Chronicles of Narnia:

    A kid holding up a glowing scepter

    7. Loki Benediktssen and the Teenage Aesir instead of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

    A book with a flame-breathing dragon on the front, titled "loki benediktssen and the teenage aesir"

    8. Scare Your Pants Off instead of Goosebumps:

    A pile of books with a screaming man on the front entitled (scare club)

    9. Hoprah Linseed instead of Oprah Winfrey:

    10. And finally, even Arthur has its own spoof inside the show. It’s called Alfred!