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If Your Country Had A Slogan, What Would It Be?

We would be much better in Geography, if the countries would have slogens.

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"We are not Australia." -New Zealand


"We aren't Australia either." -Austria

"Holy Trinity: Beer, Boobs, Cars." -Germany

"9 out of 10 natural catastrophes prefer us" -Chile

"Guy? Girl? We can't really tell." -Thailand

"We're the living proof you don't need a functioning government, as long as you have beer and chocolate." -Belgium

"Just Google us to realise we exist." -Tanzania

"We are actually not Spain." -Portugal

"We don't care." -Switzerland

"Water is the basic necessity of life. Not me." -Netherlands

"Apologize for Pauly D" -Italy

"We are awesome (individual results may vary)." -USA

"Surrender first, ask questions later!" -France

"Biggest, Strongest, and the Best, but we don't know at what yet." -Russia

"Kurwa." -Poland

"Main character of all memes." -Romania

"Do you want furniture or meatballs?" -Sweden

"Debts? No. This is Sparta!" -Greece

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