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    35 Things You Can Get At Wayfair That Only Look Expensive

    Your one-stop-shop for classy and affordable home goods.

    1. A playful set of salad plates that tell you what to do at the dinner table. Not that you need the extra encouragement.

    2. A geometric jewelry tray lined with linen so your nice accessories don't get scratched up.

    3. A decanter adorned with a gold honeycomb pattern that's bougie AF.

    4. A luxurious bath towel you'd probably find at a five-star resort.

    5. A pair of ceramic bookends with a marble finish to class up any bookshelf.

    6. A chic hourglass that's the fanciest way to keep track of time.

    7. A baroque-style picture frame to make any photo look like a royal portrait.

    8. A set of lightweight yet sturdy bamboo serving trays for having breakfast in bed.

    9. A glossy mirror befitting of a queen. (A very thrifty queen with good taste.)

    10. A set of wine glasses to impress the most discerning of guests.

    11. A porcelain sugar and creamer set that people will mistake for a family heirloom.

    12. A beverage dispenser to make every outdoor gathering a classy affair.

    13. A Persian-inspired rug that'll add a touch of elegance to any room.

    14. A set of painted mugs you can get at a ~fin-tastic~ price.

    15. A gold metal wire sculpture that'll make a sophisticated accent piece.

    16. A reversible comforter set to brighten up your bedroom.

    17. A metal bed frame that gives off French country vibes.

    18. A marble serving board you'll want to show off at every dinner party.

    19. A minimalist bench that looks incredibly high-end.

    20. A handmade lace table runner to elevate any plain dining table.

    21. A multi-purpose cake stand with the magic ability to make anything you put on it look gourmet.

    22. A matte gold end table to pair with a statement lamp and some magazines.

    23. A colorful knife block set that looks like a modern art piece.

    24. A throw pillow to make your couch look like it's on the cover of Town and Country.

    25. A fruit basket that's basically a table sculpture.

    26. A marble cutting board so you can prepare a cocktail in style.

    27. A desk chair that looks like a piece from a designer furniture store.

    28. A set of bamboo utensils for whipping up an Instagram-worthy dinner.

    29. A blue and white porcelain dispenser to make any lotion feel expensive.

    30. A set of copper mugs for serving Moscow mules at your next party.

    31. A cityscape shower curtain that belongs in the Museum of Modern Art gift shop.

    32. A computer desk to give your home office a modern chic feel.

    33. A dish rack that'll actually look good on the kitchen counter.

    34. A plush bath mat with a regal pattern to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

    35. A set of stainless steel cookware that features lovely copper accents.

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