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    28 Things Every Recent College Grad Needs

    In addition to some cash for paying off student loans!

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    1. A sturdy overnight bag that'll come in handy for moving, weekend trips, and visiting your parents. It can double as a workout bag as well!

    2. A little black book of everything you wish you were taught in school, like how to build a grown-up wardrobe, apartment hunting tips, laundry tag symbols, how to ask someone out, and more!

    3. A non-stick cookware set for when you move out since you won't be able to borrow your dormmate's frying pan anymore.

    4. A good memory foam mattress because it's probably the one piece of furniture you can't go without. The coffee table can wait, but this cannot!

    5. An Instant Pot that might seem like a luxury (and it is), but is 100% worth it because it'll make whipping up home cooked meals so much easier. You'll save serious cash from not dining out and have leftovers for the the entire week.

    6. Or a subscription to Plated, if you feel super lost about cooking and meal planning. You'll get the recipes and exact ingredients in a box so it's easy to get started.

    7. A simple but effective planner for keeping track of both short-term (buying TP) and long-term goals (finding a fulfilling career) *without* feeling overwhelmed.

    8. A double laundry bin so you can retire the drawstring bag you've used all four years in college. This one will look nice in your first apartment and is easy to bring to a laundromat.

    9. A small but mighty portable Bluetooth speaker that'll provide you with excellent sound while you save up for a home audio system (and search for a permanent place to live). It'll easily fit your bag so you can take it anywhere.

    10. A personal finance book for young adults to help you learn about budgeting, getting out of debt, saving $$$, and investing for retirement. It's never too early to start!

    11. A programmable coffee maker or French press for brewing high quality joe at home. You'll save so much money by forgoing your daily Starbucks run.

    12. An informative book on the best job-hunting practices so you can get a head start on landing your dream gig.

    13. A sleek Quip electric toothbrush that'll leave your teeth squeaky clean for job interviews. It even comes with a nifty wall mount that can double as a travel cover so you can throw it in your bag.

    14. An electric wine bottle opener because the time for opening wine bottles with a shoe has passed. That was college you — graduate you is a civilized human.

    15. A wireless printer for printing out résumés, tax forms, and concert tickets (you know, to reward yourself for working so hard on the job search).

    16. A chic pajama set, while not an absolute necessity, will go a long way in making you feel more put together. Shed your holey T-shirt and become the glamorous adult you are!

    17. An electric egg cooker that'll give you perfectly done yolks because breakfast should be one less thing you need to worry about at this stressful time!

    18. A beginner's tool kit with everything you need to assemble your IKEA furniture, hang up photos, change the shower head, etc.

    19. An attractive hard shell suitcase for your post graduation trip (or just lugging stuff from your parent's house to your new apartment).

    20. A robot vacuum so you can indulge in your lazy side once in a while. Take a nap while it does all the work!

    21. Glass tumblers that can work for any occasion, from a casual get together with pals to a full-on dinner party with people you want to impress.

    22. A classic twill blazer to help you make a glowing first impression. Plus, you can dress it down with jeans and tee for days off, too.

    23. A super loud vibrating alarm clock for waking up even the heaviest sleeper. You'll never have to worry about oversleeping and being late for work!

    24. A mobile printer so you can make an album or wall collage of all the good memories from your university days.

    25. A roomy faux-leather tote bag (with a zipper!) that'll look great with both professional and casual outfits.

    26. A fast and lightweight Microsoft Surface laptop to replace your slow and clunky one that's on its last legs. (RIP old laptop, you've served me well!)

    27. Potted plants for adding a breath of life to your living space, even if there's nothing inside but a couch and a mattress.

    28. And finally, a splurge-worthy personalized necklace to celebrate your amazing accomplishment! You did it! You're a college graduate! (Now, onto grad school, lol.)

    And of course, a vacation would be nice...

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