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    28 Cozy Things That’ll Give You An Excuse To Stay Home

    Brb, canceling all my plans that involve going outside.

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    1. A snuggly chenille throw blanket that'll instantly make your couch or bed Pinterest-worthy.

    2. A chunky cardigan comfy enough to wear around the house. (Actually, you might even consider venturing outside just to show off how cute it is.)

    3. A set of flameless candles so you can embrace hygge without worrying about something catching on fire.

    4. A marble-look essential oil diffuser for getting a dose of aromatherapy after a long day.

    5. A comfy onesie because it'll enhance your lounging experience by 300%.

    6. A candle that smells like your hometown or home state to make you feel all warm and nostalgic inside.

    7. A clip-on reading light so you can stay up and finish one more chapter.

    8. An Amazon Fire TV Stick for streaming all your favorite shows and programs on the big screen TV. "Sorry I can't come out today, I'm spending quality time with my Fire Stick." — you, after getting this.

    9. A pack of thick wool socks that'll keep your toes toasty all day long. You won't dread walking across those cold kitchen tiles anymore.

    10. A fluffy faux-fur rug to drape over your office chair and make it feel incredibly cozy. Or, you can lay it next to the bed so your feet have a warm place to rest on first thing in the morning.

    11. A snuggly oversized blanket sweatshirt you'll basically live in year round. Normal clothes simply can't compete.

    12. Curtain string lights for turning your home into a fairy den — you'll truly never want to leave!

    13. Lavender Epsom salts that'll help relax both your mind and your muscles, so you're ready to get a good night's rest. Add a glass of your fave beverage, some spa music, and maybe a good book for optimal effect.

    14. And a cushy bath pillow to create a much-needed barrier between your neck and the hard tub rim so you can actually lie back and relax.

    15. A plush reading pillow so reading or working in bed will be even *more* comfortable. As if you needed another reason to stay in bed.

    16. A diamond painting kit for a very satisfying way to pass the time. And when you're done, you'll have a cute piece of wall art to hang up.

    17. A throw pillow cover listing all the magical ingredients that make for a cozy day at home.

    18. A portable projector to transform your living room (or bedroom) into a home theater. Why go out for a movie when you can watch one on your couch surrounded by blankets and endless snacks?!

    19. And a silicone air popper so you can abandon store-bought packets and enjoy fresh, movie theater–quality popcorn *without* waiting in line at a concession stand.

    20. A small but mighty space heater for quickly warming up whichever room you're in and making it much harder to go outside, where it's cold and dreary.

    21. A hand-warming clay mug that'll not only look stunning but will also keep your finger tips warm.

    22. A pair of slippers with a soft faux-fur lining to wear around the house or even outside to fetch the paper.

    23. A heated electric blanket so you can transform yourself into a burrito for the rest of the season.

    24. A crossword puzzle book by The New York Times for a chill yet stimulating weeknight activity. It's just challenging enough to get your brain juices flowing without being too difficult.

    25. A handheld milk frother that probably attended barista school because it'll help you whip up a cappuccino that looks and tastes incredibly ~profesh~.

    26. A ceramic cup warmer to keep your coffee or tea hot so you can sip on it slowly throughout the day.

    27. A Sleep Pod so you can swaddle yourself to sleep in an actual cocoon. It's made from a specialized four-way stretch material that applies gentle pressure to your body.

    28. A box set of the Harry Potter novels for transporting you to the magical wizarding world, where you can leave your mundane troubles far behind. Yes, you'll be worried about Dementors but that's so much more exciting.

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