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    30 Cheap And Useful Things That’ll Help Make Your Life A Bit Easier

    Little price tag, big help.

    1. A dishwasher magnet so you don't have to wonder, "Are these dishes clean or no?"

    2. A massage cane for tackling muscle knots your hands can't reach.

    3. A TubShroom that'll literally change the way you shower. It'll catch all your hairs and prevent a clogged drain, all without disrupting the water flow.

    4. A password journal to help you remember the (very complicated) log-in information for every website you visit.

    5. A handy device so you and your roomie can both keep track of whether or not the doggo has been fed.

    6. All-natural bottle cleaning tablets for restoring your stainless steel thermos to a brand new state. The best part? No scrubbing required!

    7. Pimple stickers that'll tame giant zits while you sleep so you don't have to deal with them the next morning.

    8. A silicone case to keep your earbuds clean, untangled, and ready for your next jam sesh.

    9. A pair of eyeliner stamps so you can get perfectly matching wings on the first try.

    10. A magnetic meal planning pad for figuring out what to eat each week beforehand so you don't end up ordering takeout at the last minute.

    11. Double shower curtain hooks that'll glide smoothly over the rod and make switching out the liner less of a hassle.

    12. A clip-on sleeve to keep your lip balm within reach because it always seems to get lost in the bottom of your bag.

    13. A collapsible brush tree so you can dry your makeup brushes upside down instead of laying them flat on some paper towels.

    14. A microfiber duster perfectly shaped for cleaning blinds and AC vents (aka the things you dread cleaning the most).

    15. Ceiling fan chain pulls that clearly indicate which one is for the light and which one is for the fan — no more guessing games!

    16. A set of stove counter gap covers to prevent crumbs and liquids from falling into the unreachable crevice.

    17. A sturdy purse hook so you don't have to choose between setting your bag down on the floor or keeping it in your lap the entire time.

    18. A smart funnel for transferring the lasts bits of BBQ sauce or dish detergent from one bottle to another — hands-free.

    19. A delicate eyeglass chain that'll not only prevent you from losing your spectacles but will also look super cute.

    20. A flowy T-shirt dress to make getting dressed in the morning easy breezy. Just throw it on and you're ready.

    21. Anti-chafe lace bands so walking in a skirt for hours on a hot day will be a lot easier on your thighs.

    22. Clip-on mini LED strobes for helping drivers see you during early morning or nighttime jogs. They're weather-resistant, so you won't have to worry about them getting damaged in the rain.

    23. Microfiber cloths you can count on for an easy, one-step makeup removal routine. *Wipes face once, passes out*

    24. A day-of-the-week pill organizer that'll ensure you never miss a dose.

    25. A grippy silicone strip to stop bags from constantly slipping off your shoulders.

    26. A flexible sink strainer so you can easily empty out food particles by pulling on the tab and inverting it.

    27. Self-tying shoelaces you won't have to re-tie over and over again.

    28. A ceramic cup warmer that'll save you several trips to the microwave. You shouldn't have to settle for lukewarm coffee!

    29. An adorable cloud-shaped magnetic key holder to keep your keys visible and organized. You're much less likely to lose them this way.

    30. A toilet night light so midnight trips to the bathroom don't require turning on the way-too-bright overhead light.

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