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18 Words Only People From The Southwest Will Understand

Haboobs and snowbirds and arroyos, oh my.

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1. Haboob: A really intense dust storm. Ha, boob.

2. Arroyo: Dry river bed that can probably suck you up like quicksand.

3. Adobe: Mud brick used to build houses, but most likely it will make you think of Photoshop instead.

4. Snowbird: Elderly person who moves to the Southwest because it is the only place you can wear shorts year round.

Flickr: adwriter / Creative Commons

5. Corrido: A folk ballad written to oppose injustice but is also a poetic form. Everyone should try to write one at least once.

6. Chiltepin: A pepper found mostly in the Southwest that is so hot it maaaaay melt your face off.

Flickr: trekr / Creative Commons

7. Pozole: A pork broth soup with hominy that will start you on the path to food addiction.

Flickr: jeffreyww / Creative Commons

8. Gringo: A white person from an English-speaking country who usually doesn't speak Spanish well and doesn't realize people are talking about them.

9. Mesa: An isolated flat-top hill with steep sides. This word is easily misunderstood because it also means table.

Flickr: cdm / Creative Commons

10. Prickly Pear: A cactus fruit that you can eat right off the cactus as long as you cut off all the prickly thorns.

11. Butte: An isolated hill similar to a mesa but narrower. Nature enthusiasts love to climb buttes.

12. Monsoon: A rainstorm that comes every May- September. It is best to run in the opposite direction whenever it comes.

Flickr: steev / Creative Commons

13. Hatch Chile: A chile that grows in New Mexico and is used to make the famous New Mexico chile. It will turn your mouth into fire.

14. Norteño: A style of folk music that is popular in Northern Mexico. The jams are known to be highly infectious and catchy.

Flickr: michale / Creative Commons

15. Fry bread: Traditional Native American deep-fried dough, that can be sweet or served as a taco. A fry bread a day can keep the doctor away.

Flickr: jeffreyww / Creative Commons

16. Rio: A river. Water to people in the Southwest is a foreign thing.

17. Menudo: A soup made of beef stomach (tripe) and hominy. Not to be mistaken with the boy band.

Flickr: noway /Creative Commons

18. Hoodoo: A column or pinnacle of weathered rock. You could create your own game by throwing hula hoops on the hoodoo.

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