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    18 Things You Experience At Your First Pride Parade

    Pride: the annual coming-of-gay-age experience.

    1. This flag will follow you everywhere you go.

    David McNew / Getty

    2. You get anxious at the thought of figuring out where to go, and at what time.

    3. You glance at the map and schedules and think:


    To be honest, you just want to meet people and have a good time.


    4. Finding your friends in the crowd is a **headache** but that makes it easier to meet new people.


    5. Everywhere you look people are giving you beads for going to their booth at the festival.

    6. You see this and aren't sure what to think.

    David McNew / Getty Images

    7. But then you're like...

    8. Dress code? No such thing exists.

    David McNew / Getty Images
    Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
    Pichi Chuang / Reuters

    Wait, what should I wear?

    9. You go to so many events and bars that your arm looks like this:

    10. Your eyes: Where do I look?!?!?! I DON'T WANT TO MISS ANYTHING.


    11. You get emotional with all the love that's around you.

    Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images
    AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner
    Umit Bektas / Reuters

    12. You lose yourself in all the amazing performances.

    Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

    Where else could you have Demi Lovato sing to you in a gold-trimmed suit with confetti dropping from the sky?

    13. Just being a pedestrian in the parade makes you feel like you haven't lived a full life:

    David McNew / Getty Images

    14. Reality becomes a weird world you don't want to be a part of anymore.

    15. Rainbows literally pave the street.


    16. Random people handing you condoms becomes normal.

    17. You're exhausted by the end of the day and your pockets are overflowing with flyers, candy, and condoms.

    18. You think: Why can't every day just be like this?

    Tyrone Siu / Reuters
    Tyrone Siu / Reuters

    You may have been hesitant or afraid to go at first, but you realize it has been totally worth it.

    AP Photo/Ivan Pierre Aguirre
    Mario Tama / Getty Images
    Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/MCT

    Attending Pride for the first time will probably make you happy-cry, but brace yourself to experience the rush all over again next year.


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