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23 Things Latinas Are Tired Of Hearing

"Are you here, you know, legally?"

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1. "You don't look Latina."

What are Latinas supposed to even look like?

2. "You're probably planning on having a big family, right?"

Just making regular plans, like everyone else.

3. "Why are you so religious?"

Why are you assuming things?

4. "You're so lucky you don't ever have to tan."

5. "Is it weird growing up in a sexist culture?"

ABC / Via

Well, as pop star philosopher Beyoncé likes to say, "Who run the world? GURLS."

6. "Where did you learn English?"

Let's ask the same of you: where did you learn English?

7. "Why is your family so big?"

Do you ever ask yourself how something will sound before saying it aloud?

8. *whispering* "Are you legal?"

9. "Why are you always so loud?"

10. "OMG can you recommend me a good *authentic* Mexican food restaurant?"

Not here to be your Yelp.

11. "I'm trying to practice my Spanish. Can you just talk to me in Spanish from now on?"

Netflix / Via

Sure, just use me as your practice dummy. It's cool.

12. "Your upbringing must have been really rough."

13. "Mami."

NBC / Via

Please don't use this word unless you are actually talking to your mom.

14. "Where's your accent?"

Some people have them and some people don't.

15. "Do you know anyone having a Quinceañera? I've always wanted to go to one."

MTV / Via

Sure, because a coming-of-age celebration is a tourist novelty.

16. "Can you teach me how to dance salsa?"

You are giving Penelope Cruz a headache. I don't think you want that.

17. "OMG I love watching Spanish TV. It's so dramatic."

18. "I'm just gonna call you [name that's easier for me to pronounce]."

Lol bless whoever thinks this is an appropriate thing to say.

19. "But, like, you really only got here because you're Latina, right?"

20. "Where are you really, really from?"

Los Angeles? California? USA? Earth? The Universe?

21. "So what's traditional food where you're from? Rice and beans?"

FOX / Via

Yes, exclusively. You've really got us figured out.

22. "Are you planning on being a housewife?"

23. "Why are Latina's so fiery all the time?"

Did you intend to say fly? If so, the answer is, yes, they are very fly.

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