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    These Women Are Using Selfies To Reclaim #Latina Identity On Tumblr

    Reclaiming the Latina Tag founder Xochilt Montaño sees selfies as "an act of resistance."

    Tumblr — like Twitter and now Facebook — uses hashtags to categorize conversations on various topics, but what Xochilt Montaño found browsing the #latina tag in late 2012 shocked and angered her.

    The Reclaiming the Latina Tag founder told BuzzFeed that when she "dared to peek at #latina on Tumblr," she was shocked to see it was "ALL porn."

    "That really pushed me over the edge and made me incredibly angry so I had the idea to 'reclaim' the tag."

    Montaño sees the selfie as an "act of resistance" against stereotypes.

    RTLT regularly makes calls for "Bomb the Latina Tag" sprints, where readers submit photos tagged #latina with information "anywhere from descent, memories, achievements and goals, or random thoughts."

    Many contributors have been reblogged by fetishists when they tag their selfies.

    "It’s pretty tiring having to block all the fetishizing perverts, but it’s worth [it] if we stop seeing hypersexualized (without permission) or demeaning memes on the latina tag. And to creepy people who fetishize yo y mis hermanas: this GIF is for you."

    Readers also submit questions or comments regularly via Tumblr's Ask feature.

    Taking back the tag is about celebration, says Montaño: "I want to let people know that there are Latina politicians, writers, activists, scientists, athletes, academics, artists, and award-winning actresses and musicians."

    "I want to celebrate the accomplishments of Latina women and also show that Latinas have different nationalities, races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, psychical characteristics, and social classes..."

    "Reclaiming The Latina Tag strives to be a safe space for Latinas to get to know their history and also become inspired by the amazing achievements of other Latinas."

    Montaño is the founder but there are four other contributors who also reblog and create content.

    To Montaño, Latina identity means "finding union within exclusion."

    "Latina for me means being a member of network of women who are proud of their Latin American heritage."

    "Latina means strength to fight against oppression."

    "Latina means our mothers who paved the way for us and our daughters who will continue the resistance."

    "Latina means not apologizing for taking what's yours."

    Maya Entertainment / Via

    "The fight of Reclaiming The Latina Tag cannot be easily accomplished or fulfilled, but I believe that with each new follower we gain and with each post we publish a difference is made."

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