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    Posted on May 27, 2014

    The Perfect Moment When "Boy Meets World" And "The Hills" Became One

    The '90s taught us an important lesson: wear protection.

    If Boy Meets World taught us anything, it's that:

    ABC / Via

    Eric was always there to provide annoying big brother advice.

    And you might remember this charming man from The Hills.

    He left quite an impression on Lo and LC.

    Justin Bobby dated Audrina on The Hills, and here they are in their heyday, riding around Los Angeles.

    MTV / Via

    In Season 3, LC and Audrina went to a beach BBQ and Justin Bobby abandons her there... with his motorcycle helmet.

    View this video on YouTube

    MTV / Via

    Audrina is so ready to move on.

    LC, being a true '90s kid, knew exactly the right piece of advice to get Audrina back on track.

    Even Audrina knew that Eric Matthews was right.

    MTV / Via

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