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22 Puppies Who Are Annoyed With Their Owners

Puppies: "We only associate with you because you feed us."

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2. "Do I turn on the lights while you're asleep? NO. GTFO."

3. "I need some me-time. Get out my glamour shots, gurl."

4. "Get me a towel, you neanderthal."

5. "Can you stop binge-watching for five minutes to feed me?"

6. "This isn't what I meant by swimming."

7. "I'm not your Little House on the Prairie dress-up doll."

8. "Girl, no. You gotta get a pillow or something."

9. "There isn't enough space for two people here." *Kicks up heels*

10. "You realize that by posting this people will see how messy you are, right?"

11. "The cushion was ugly anyways."

12. "I just want your Instagram followers to be aware that this was staged."

13. "Stop taking pics of me and tagging them #mileycyrus."

14. "You just placed me at the scene of the crime. SMH."

15. "This is a private moment between me and the grass, so can you not?"

16. "I'm a puppy, not produce, mama."

17. "Oh, yeah, you're so cool with your bike pics."

18. "I question your sanity on a daily basis." *Infinite eye roll*

19. "I told you that dude was bad news, but, NO, no one listens to the dog."

20. "I'm glad that you recognize my true calling as a wizard, but can you take this stupid hat off me now, please?"

21. "No more pictures until you bring me my mocha."

22. "Your search history is gross, but at least you have Photobooth."