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26 Jokes Only Mexicans Will Understand

The proof is in the duvalin.

1. This loteria snapchat that goes TOO far.

2. This flan sent from the future.

3. This important lesson Sabado Gigante taught everyone.

4. This language fail.

5. This hot valentine.

6. This spray.

7. This dance that could've been.

8. These tearjerkers.

9. The only Buki you need in your life.

10. This farmworker, Jesus.

11. This classic photo of Kiko.

12. This literal translation.

13. This breaded fit.

14. This cause for an identity crisis.

15. This warning.

16. This missed opportunity.

17. This undeniable proof.

18. This tough question.

19. This truther.

20. This repetitive phrase.

21. This chavo.

22. This reception ritual.

23. This very serious game of Loteria.

24. This perfect day.

25. This dairy revelation.

26. This new take on "juicing."