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19 Cool Mexican Treats Perfect For Summer

Paletas, Raspados, and Aguas Frescas are your friends.

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3. Fresas Con Crema

This is best served frozen, so the strawberries melt with the cream. Learn how to make this dessert here.

4. Chamoyadas

This is a raspado with salty candy, powdered chile, and chamoy. For those who like to mix spicy and sweet, click here for the recipe.

14. Micheladas

Flickr: winemegup / Creative Commons

This drink will wake you up when you need it most. Micheladas include beer, lime, powdered chile, and other fixings. Make your own micheladas at home with this recipe.

19. Tres Leches Cake


Tres Leches is a delicious sponge cake soaked with three layers of milk. Usually served at birthday parties. Try to make your own at home with this recipe.

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