Top 9 Silliest Potential Sports Nicknames

Since word broke last week that the New Orleans Hornets are set to change their nickname to the Pelicans, reaction has been mixed; Louisiana is "The Pelican State" and many teams (pro and collegiate alike) honor their homelands in a similar way, but to be fair, Pelicans is definitely a less-than-intimidating moniker.

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We here at YES are all for the change, especially in light of our previous list of Least Relevant Nicknames including the Hornets, but we decided to do some exhaustive research (read: spend half the day surfing Wikipedia) to see if the future Bayou Birds could've had a better nickname. What we found is that in terms of stateliness, Pelicans is probably as good as it gets ... but there are a lot of other pro sports teams that could have it much, much worse.

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