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16 Things You'll Know If You've Been To A Latinx Child's Birthday Party

The piñata game will be LIT.

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1. If you walk in and see one of these, you know it's about to be LIT.

2. This is the only nacho cheese that runs the show.

And if you're lucky, they'll have some of these to dip in that cheese.

3. There is always a piñata.

biancayarmando / Via

4. And if the piñata is filled with these...

... you're done. WHO EVEN LIKES DOTS?!

OWN / Via

5. But if the piñata game isn't strong, you can always find comfort in these.

6. Beer is NEVER absent from the event.

7. You have that one tío who is always taking over the dance floor.

Youtube / Via

8. And there is that one baby who is a soldier and takes a nap in the middle of all the noise.

9. Kids are always running in and out of rooms.

Warner Bros. / Via

10. There is no such thing as a bedtime.


1 AM: "OK, ponte los zapatos, we're going home."

11. If a child is misbehaving, you know the parents are about to be criticized.

Reuters / Via

12. Always count on the art of chismeando.

SkittLeZMusicTV / Via

13. Some adults somehow become overnight food critics.

Disney / Via

(On the car ride from the party)

"That fajita was too salty!"

"Ese cake no estaba bueno."

14. People will always comment on your physique.

20th Century Fox / Via

15. If you're of a ~certain age~, expect the familia to bombard you with questions.

NBC / Via

"Y cuando te vas a casar?"

"Y que estas estudiando en la universidad?"

"Ya tienes trabajo?"

16. And if you bring a friend of the opposite sex, expect the relationship rumors to begin.

But no matter what happens at these parties, you know it's guaranteed to be poppin'.

Youtube / Via

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