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YB Chang 2 years ago

BuzzFeed's Hit Show "Worth It" Is Back For Season 2 And It's Totally Worth The Wait

10 Weeks, 10 Episodes, Premiering March 12th. #WorthIt

Steven Lim 2 years ago
YB Chang 2 years ago

Best Of BuzzFeed 2016

The best BuzzFeed Video moments from 2016.

YB Chang 2 years ago

I Made A Stranger Go On An Adventure With Me In Hollywood // Presented By Google Search

"Stranger danger?" More like, "Stranger, let's have a good time!"

Keith Habersberger 2 years ago

Ashly Is Back ● Unfortunatly Ashly Trailer

Stream all episodes FREE December 15th!

Zack Evans 2 years ago

DNCE Let Their Fans Run Their Day

Dance battles and Joe Jonas licking ice cream cones...

Keith Habersberger 2 years ago

Without Cat Vs. With Cat

Thank you for making me your human.

YB Chang 2 years ago

Iconic Horror Characters Throughout History

It's basically Halloween already.

YB Chang 2 years ago

The Try Guys Become Big 'Ol Scary Monsters

It’s a dream come true… or is it a nightmare?

Zach Kornfeld 3 years ago

I Went On A Date With Eric Andre And Chaos Ensued

An interesting date between Eric Andre and Keith.

Keith Habersberger 3 years ago

When Your Dog Is Better Looking Than You


YB Chang 3 years ago

We Trained Like UFC Fighters For 60 Days And Shit Got Intense

Warning: This post contains women who could kick your ass.

Michelle Khare 3 years ago

Learning To Enjoy Our Pregnancy After Multiple Miscarriages

"For other couples out there going through this, you are not alone."

Morgan Shanahan 3 years ago

People Try Crystal Pepsi

People born in the '80s revisit Crystal Pepsi while millennials try it for the first time. "The '90s are lit right now man!"

Melissa Boyajian 3 years ago

Which Strange Death Story Is Fake?

Can you guess which of these weird death stories is fake?

YB Chang 3 years ago

People Try Alcoholic Pizza

Alcohol + pizza = ?

YB Chang 3 years ago
Morgan Shanahan 3 years ago

This Guy Tried Not Giving A Fuck For A Week And It Turns Out It's Fucking Awesome

"Realize that you deserve to be the VIP as much as anyone else."

Steven Lim 3 years ago
Kevin Chestnut 3 years ago