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    These Ladies Tried Cheap Vs. Expensive Facials And Felt Boss AF

    "Lady tested, lady baby face."

    The Ladylike girls decided to hijack Steven’s Worth It series and put a cute little twist on it by trying cheap vs. expensive facials:

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    The first spot they went to was Chantel's house, where they did DIY facials.

    They started with a deep-cleaning face wash, followed by a pore-refining mask, a cucumber paper mask, and an oil-free moisturizer to finish the job. The cost? $17.45 per person.

    And once they were done, you'd think they were estheticians themselves. Don't believe me? Here is the before and after.

    Their second stop would be Face Haus, a facial bar in Studio City in LA. The facials here started at $55 with $10, $20, and $30 add-ons (just in case you’re feeling fancy).

    After they were finished...

    ...they looked flawless.

    The last and most expensive place was Gold Elements in Hollywood. Here the ladies would be pampered in the most luxurious way.

    The ladies started with a 24-karat-gold foaming cleanser and a steamer to help open their pores...

    ...then they applied a 24-karat-gold peeling mask.

    And finally, it was time for the 24-karat-gold mask.

    Once they were finished, they looked GOLDEN.

    And even though they loved all of the facials, they enjoyed hanging out with each other more. ❤️