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Congratulations! You Are Obsessed With MUN.

Admit it. Delegate, Secretariat Member, or Advisor.. you are hooked.

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You always swear not to talk about MUN but end up discussing it 24/7.

You can write a very good paper while there are people shouting next to you.

You have friends from different nationalities.

When there is a group presentation you are always the one speaking.

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You have heard or read lame lines such as "Belize go out with me" or "I Ecuador you."

You rock at geography.

Gavels are not just objects to you.

Contacts on your phone are saved as country names.

It is hard to hear people in class say "Present" but no one saying "And Voting."

People think you have it all figured out.

Your parents are convinced that you are the next Ban Kimoon.

"You don't get it!!! We are changing the world!!!"

You now know that no amount of research is EVER enough.

You can name all of the motions but you can not recite the names of all your neighbors.

Whenever you meet someone you convince them to join the program.

You barely have any friends that are not part of the MUN community.

Whenever you bump into someone and feel like you've seen them before you're like "probably MUN."

If someone criticizes the UN, you tend to jump and defend it/ always have something to say.

Whenever applying to any job/internship/program you have a list of MUN-related things to copy paste to your resume.

You can give a speech about things you have no clue about and still sound like a genius.

You are allowed to point out negative things about the program but never an outsider.

No matter how tired you get, you still do it all over again.

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