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Back To University: Expectations Vs. Reality

What you expect your college life to be like, and what it really is..

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What you thought registering for courses would be like

What registration really is

How you thought you would feel when you see your friends

How you really felt when you saw them

How you thought eating during breaks would be

How eating really is

How you expected Friday nights to be

How Friday nights really are

How you wanted your Saturdays to be

How your Saturdays turn out to be

You promise yourself to respect deadlines

And how it really goes

What the teacher thinks you'd tell her when she changes the test's date

What you really want to tell her

What she thinks your reaction is when you get the test's questions

What your reaction is

What everyone thinks your reaction would be when you get a bad grade

What your reaction is

How you expect you and your gang to be like

How you and your gang really are

What you want to do when you see someone you don't like (at all)

What you do instead

What you do when you see the girl you like

What you truly want to do

What you tell the teacher when she puts you an A

What you really wanna tell her

How you expect to wake up in the morning

How you wake up

How you expect to dress up

but instead..

What you promise yourself

What you do instead

How you expect to spend your free time

How you spend it

How you expected your professor to be

And how he turns out to be

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