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10 Reasons To Join Campus Society

A social platform for anyone related to Universities - students, faculty, staff and even businesses to connect and share.

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2. It's safe.

Unlike other social media applications that you use, Campus Society is safe. It is exclusive to users with a '.edu' email address, which allows for a completely safe environment. The Terms and Conditions of the application guarantee safety, privacy and eligibility.

4. Connect with others.

This application allows you to connect with local and global University networks.

Through it, you can find our be found by friends, colleagues, teachers, and even strangers that might have an impact on your future. Because let's face it, having connections, is a must!

5. One application that combines everything!

On Campus Society, you can post pictures just like on Instagram, post your opinion just like on Twitter, find people just like on Facebook, search for pictures just like on Pinterest and ask questions just like of

This application combines everything, so SIGN UP!

6. The founders were students like you.

AUB alumnus Oliver Muller and Georgetown graduate Rashid Ajami launched the interactive platform, following tensions on campus due to lack of transparency by the administration and a scheduled increase in tuition fees. Their aim is to offer to connect students and voice their concerns.

Check here the press releases about Campus Society!

9. What's your major?

As you share your major on Campus Society, you might find people who are studying the same one as you are. This way, you can ask them for advices, the best courses to register for, and even for help. See how useful this social platform is!

10. The true image of Lebanon

The hope of a country lies in his education. And every one of you, who is a student, is a living proof, that Lebanon can only get better. Sign up for this application, because we all need to connect, in order to create a stronger society, filled with ambitions and dreams.


Campus Society

21 Arlington Street, Second Floor

London, United Kingdom


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