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    39 Clothing Basics You Should Buy Because It's About Time You Replaced Them

    It's time to refresh your basics.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A three-pack of super soft control leggings because your go-to leggings (that you practically live in) probably have rips and holes by now (not judging — same here!). Grab a pair of these to work out, sleep, or WFH in because you deserve a new pair (or three).

    2. A pack of transparent Kitsch Spiral hair ties so you can replace all those hair ties that seem to mysteriously disappear. By now, you probably only have one left that you've been holding on to for dear life. These are gentle on your hair, stay put, and reduce tangling.

    3. A pack of brand-new crew socks since socks seem to mysteriously disappear like hair ties and the ones that are left usually have holes — I don't make the rules.

    The black, leopard print, and gray socks in the pack

    4. And athletic socks because they get funky and need to be replaced too, just trust me on this.

    The set of athletic socks

    5. A pack of adjustable strap stretchy undershirts that are necessary no matter the season. They're perfect for layering during colder temps and great as is when it's warmer.

    6. Or a plunging ruched bodysuit so you won't have to worry about your shirt rolling up when you bend, stretch, or move.

    7. Or a mock turtleneck bodysuit — great if you want a lightweight option and don't want to wear a bulky sweater.

    8. A pair of fleece-lined sweat pants that'll keep you so warm and comfy all winter — you'll want to wear these all day, every day.

    9. An oversized corduroy button-down shirt because it compliments almost every outfit and you can layer up when it's chilly.

    10. A pair of ultra-stretchy denim leggings if you want to wear "jeans" without feeling uncomfortable. These have the look you crave and that comfy feeling only leggings can deliver. And (!!) these have real pockets!

    11. A handmade mini cross-body to give your everyday bag a break. This purse is the perfect size — not too big or too small. And it goes with almost everything.

    12. A set of stainless-steel plated hoop earrings because it's time to admit the ones from Claire's just keep tarnishing and they need to be replaced.

    13. A pack of cotton and spandex blend hipster panties that are super comfy and come in so many cute colors.

    14. And a pack of low-rise lace trim thong undies for a seamless look when you're wearing leggings.

    15. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings if you practically live in leggings and could use a ~dressier~ alternative without sacrificing comfort.

    16. A casual belt that can ~pull~ your whole outfit together.

    A close up of the belt in black

    17. A ruched crew-neck T-shirt dress because it can be dressed up or down. Reviewers are loving this dress so much, they're buying more in different colors.

    A model wearing the T-shirt dress in dark green

    18. A pair of cashmere-blend lined leather gloves so you'll be able to text without your hands getting cold. And I mean, they look super chic, who would want to take them off?

    A model wearing the gloves in black

    19. A pair of faux-leather flats designed with a rubber sole because you can be comfy and stylish.

    20. An organic cotton SpongeBob Conscious Step hoodie that has aloe vera-lined pockets! Not only is this hoodie comfy, but proceeds from every purchase are donated to Oceana to help protect and restore the world’s oceans.

    A model wearing a blue hoodie with SpongeBob SquarePant's characters

    21. A gorgeously oversized plaid coat because you will be warm and stylish. You'll also have a ton of room to layer up in, making it perfect for any season.

    22. A lace-trimmed, adjustable racerback tank to wear under your fave shirt or on it's own.

    A model wearing the cami in white

    23. A pair of classic ankle trousers because it's super versatile and can be worn while running errands, to work, or on a night out.

    24. A tiered-skirt tunic dress that you'll practically live in because it can be dressed up or down and it's super comfy. And it comes in 17 prints and styles!

    25. A super warm parka jacket because you can still look fab in freezing temps.

    26. An ultra lightweight puffer jacket for that confusing weather between seasons. This jacket will keep you warm but if the temp suddenly takes a turn and you become too hot, you can just roll it up.

    27. A pair of luxurious matte Nubian Skin sheer tights because all of your other tights probably have holes in them and it's time to replace them with a really good pair. These come in four shades so you can find the right one to match your skin tone.

    28. A wire-free Floatley seamless bra if you want some support without an underwire. This bra is buttery soft, made with breathable fabric, and the pads are embedded so they won't move around.

    29. And a sports bra so you can get some support during your next yoga class. Reviewers say they are not designed for high-impact workouts, but work great for low-impact exercises.

    A model wearing the bra in black

    30. A faux-leather moto jacket to get in tune with your inner rock star.

    A customer review photo of them wearing the jacket

    31. A classic cotton T-shirt because nothing is better than a new tee. And this may look like your basic shirt, but it has moisture-wicking technology that adapts to your body's temperature and absorbs sweat while keeping you cool.

    A reviewer wearing the shirt in white

    32. A pair of super comfy cuffed sweatpants with an elastic waist and pockets. You won't want to take these off! They're perfect for the gym, to lounge around the house, or to run errands in. And they come in so many patterns and colors!

    33. An oversized denim jacket because it's a staple piece, and let's be honest, you could probably use a new one. This classic jacket will pull any outfit together without much effort.

    34. A stretchy romper bodysuit that'll be a great layering piece. It's perfect to wear under oversized sweaters, dresses, or as is during warmer weather. It's even a cute fit for the gym.

    A model wearing the onesie in black

    35. A set of short pajamas perfect for a super chill and lazy Sunday — but make it cute.

    The blue and tan pajama set

    36. A splurge-worthy over-sized leather tote that can be used to carry everything you need for work or as a weekend bag for a quick getaway.

    A model holding up the tote bag