12 Times Big Government Sucked

More government, more problems.

1. That time you felt like you were being watched and it turns out you were right.

Don’t worry it’s for your own safety…right?

2. That time when you thought those outrageous federal student loans you took out would get you a job after graduation.

3. That time when you thought the internet should be unregulated, but Congress tried to regulate it anyway.

4. That time you thought you were poor — until you saw what the federal government owes.

Think your bills are bad now? Wait until you calculate your share of the National Debt.

5. That time you earned your first paycheck, only to give most of it to the government.

6. …followed by that time when you realized you might not reap the benefits of Social Security and Medicare even though you’ve paid into them your whole life.

Social Security is estimated to cost our generation over $8.6 trillion dollars in the next 75 years.

7. That time we got rid of this guy:

Only to get this guy:

Seriously, they’re the same.

8. Every time you’ve gone to the DMV. Ever.

What are they even doing?!

9. That time Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq…

…and sent them to Afghanistan.

10. That time you tried to sign up for health insurance on Healthcare.gov.

What they said it’d be like:

What is was actually like:

11. That time you had to decide between being felt up by this guy or go through the naked body scanners.

12. That time when inflation made the Dollar Menu a thing of the past.


BONUS: That time when you realized THIS GUY knows what’s up.

“Personal liberty is the purpose of government — not to run your personal life, not to run the economy, and not to pretend that we can tell the world how they ought to live.” — Dr. Ron Paul

Let’s face it. Government sucks, but there is something you can do to make it suck less.

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