5 Courses That Prove Duke Wins In The Classroom Too

With Duke fresh off championship wins for both the men’s lacrosse and women’s golf teams, lots of people are talking about the North Carolina university’s victories on the field. Duke’s wins, however, aren’t limited to the domain of sports. Here are five courses that prove that the Blue Devils are #winning in the classroom as well:

1. 1. Writing 101: Meddling Muggles

You mean I can get credit for reading Harry Potter? I should have my PhD by now.

Seriously, though, look at the required “textbooks”:

4. 2. English 90: Black and Yellow

Because the best courses are inspired by Wiz Khalifa.

6. 3. Writing 101: Manly Mannered Bodies

A course for anyone who’s ever complained, “You can’t offer Women’s Studies if you don’t also offer Men’s Studies!”

8. 4. Religion 190: Sex and Food In The Middle Ages

10. 5. Literature 615: The #Selfie

But first…let me take a selfie!

12. Bonus: Perhaps the most winning of all…

Duke offers a major in “Canadian Studies.” Pretty crazy, eh?

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