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Why It's Essential That It Snows On Christmas For Every Northeasterner

Depicted solely through "Nightmare Before Christmas" gifs.

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So when we wake up Christmas morning and see nothing but dead trees and grass that has clearly not had enough beauty rest...WE KINDA FEEL JIPPED!

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~Insert Vine of Marnie The Dog walkin' up on the camera like WTF IS THIS?!~

It's possible your no-snow anxiety may cause you to overly focus on other minor aspects of the holiday

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All you can do is keep your eye sight on the presents. If you take your line of vision off of the presents your heart will break once your eyes meet with the window.

If there isn't snow, Santa's sled will surely destroy your rooftops.

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I mean without that nice snow cushion resting on top of your roof, what's stopping Santa's sled from ruining your tiling?!

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