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The 11 Stages Of Finding Out You're Getting A Sonic In Your Town

It's all happening.

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1. You'll go into shock.

Is this another rumor...? Hasn't a Sonic been coming to our town for the last 5 years?

2. You will feel overwhelmed with joy.

But wait no, there's a link to a real article saying it's coming...and there's a date too! SONIC IS COMING TO TOWN!

3. You start questioning if you've unwittingly turned into Oprah.


This is it, you've found the gold medal of social currency for this week and you're ready to share the news!

4. Alright the whole posse knows Sonic is coming to town, now together you can bask in the excitement.

IT'S ALL HAPPENING! We no longer have to be outsiders to what Sonic has to offer. No longer will we have to say "I don't have those where I live" because SONIC IS COMING!

5. You'll realize what a ray of sunshine Sonic will be in your life.

And just like that, Sonic is coming to town and we're all so happy and excited! Don't lie to yourself and try to act like finding this out wasn't the best thing that happened to you all day.

6. You'll start to feel apprehensive about your excitement for Sonic's arrival.

I don't think I can jump with both feet into this pool of happiness quite YET. What if this is another franchise that comes through our town and fails? Will this be like when Krispy Kreme was packed 24/7 for a week and then randomly closed two seconds later?! Should I be worried?!

7. You may feel some discouragement when it comes to things like working out.

Game over. Why work out when you're clearly going to be living at this new Sonic in your town? This will probably play out like such, Sonic opens, we give all our money to Sonic and in return we can expect a permanent food baby.

8. You realize you now won't have to make day trips just to go to the nearest Sonic.

A true Sonic enthusiast knows where the closest Sonic is. Now those gas guzzling adventures don't have to happen in order for you to enjoy Sonic. Now you can go to Sonic anytime you have the time BECAUSE IT'S COMING TO YOUR TOWN!

9. You immediately start planning a trip to the nearest Sonic.

Time to line up all your schedules. Since you'll no longer need to make these trips to Sonic, you realize you need one last hurrah. But let's face it, this planning of a last hurrah is totally fueled by the severe Sonic cravings you're now suffering from.

10. You start planning out the first meal you're going to get when it opens.

By this stage you may be suffering from severe day dreaming and/or benign drooling. You know the Sonic won't be open for awhile but all we have are our dreams right?! So many options, what to chose, what to chose.

11. You'll feel at peace.

After all is said and done, there is a Sonic coming to town and you couldn't be happier.

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