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Nick Offerman Brings The Meat To Reddit Once Again

Winning One AMA At A Time.

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"Who is your favorite Disney princess? Who is Ron Swanson's favorite disney princess? Also, while Joan Calamezzo is hung over, Ron Swanson takes over her talk show. Would you ever host a talk show of your own and if so what would you do on it?"

"Ryan Gosling."

"My question is, who do you think would win in a free-for-all fight to the death between Ron Swanson and every noticeable action hero (James Bond, Jason Borne, Rambo etc.) and why would it be Ron Swanson?"

"Nick! If you could be any other character on parks and rec who would it be and why? PS you are the man"

"Mr. Offerman, When a bear sees you, do you wait to see if it will attack, or do you charge it and assert your dominance?"

"So I was watching an old episode of 24 the other day, and all of a sudden you showed up. How did it feel to get yelled at and threatened by Jack Bauer?"

"Dear Lord Offerman if a man came up to you in the street and asked you to sum up the perfect life, what would you answer with?"

"Mr. Offerman, huge fan of your work. Question, where would one start when wanting to get into wood working?"

"You are stranded on a desert island. You get to choose one animal for complete sustenance. What non mammoth creature do you select?"

"Is that you saying Fremulon?"

People online began asking if it was indeed Nick Offerman's voice at the end of all the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" episodes, and here Nick gave us an answer. And yes this is actually a real website, to visit click here.

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