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20 Hilarious Viners Who Totally Got It Right

Do it for the Vine.

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1. This guy's face:

2. When your ex tries to get back with you:

3. We gonna be waiting forever:

4. Will Sasso from Mad TV is still hilarious:

5. When you want bae to come over:

6. Basically, this could be an actual Drake remix:

7. When eating ice cream goes wrong:

8. This cat yelling "no" is creepy yet hilarious:

What the hell dude?!


9. Who loves wordplay?!

10. I smell like beef:

We feel you girl.

11. No dude, CRACKER BARREL:

12. This rooster though:

Parker Kit Hill is always getting it right. With the ability to stretch his long legs all over the room, give us facial reactions to make us keel over from too much laughter, and use his voice in humorous ways, he is definitely a Viner worth following.


13. They have it:

#win for Dillon Moore

14. Yaaass:


15. I only date hot guys:

This kid's only 16 and has over half a million followers on Vine. BRANDON GOT IT RIGHT!

16. Oh cats:

How did this Viner manage to make his purrfectly cute cat so upset?


17. It's Ben!

18. What sound does a cow make?

Bang, Bang.

19. Guys, let's win this!

20. Never take flirting tips from this guy:
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