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13 Times Drake Won Vine Without Even Being On It In 2014

Draking and Vining.

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As you can see here, on Vine there is a verified Drake account. There are no posts on this account, nor is Drake following anyone. Yet somehow despite all this, Drake still has over half a million followers.

Just one of the many pieces of evidence proving that Drake is indeed one of Vine's 2014 champions.

Just one of the many pieces of evidence proving that Drake is indeed one of Vine's 2014 champions.

1. #DrakeBeLike

♫ Came up that's all me - Throwback that's small me

Homerun baseball me - All me for real! ♫

2. Danny LoPriore Jr.'s Take On "From Time"

♫ I hate the way you put your socks on...yeah

I hate the way that you eat popcorn...damn

I hate the way you do everything ♫

3. This Drake Edition of Flappy Bird

4. Do You Guys Even Listen To Drake?!

Here's Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

5. When This Little Kid Was Instantly Transformed Into Drake

♫ I got my eyes on you ♫

6. When Drake Took The Time To Ever So Freshly Take A Lint Brush To His Pants During A Basketball Game

As previously said by many, this is the most Drake thing Drake could be doing during a basketball game.

7. When Vine Captured A Rare Sight...A Genuinely Angry Drake

We're so use to seeing Drake in touch with his emotions in a gentle manor, but here we witness Drake go "0 to 100" real quick and throw his stacks on the ground.

8. This Vine Of Drake Dancing At Dave & Buster's For His Birthday

Look at that, Drake giving us a gift on HIS birthday, the gift obviously being this wonderful Vine.

9. "Drake always bringin up some random chick names and sh%t like we know who they are"

Can someone draw up a "Family Tree" for all of Drake's mentioned relationships? And by "Family Tree" I mean a detailed chart of who all these women are he's always name dropping.

10. The Infamous Jimmy Brooks/Drake Vine

"Don't talk to me you slut."

11. Jus Reign's Desi Version Of "How About Now"

Jus Reign should probably go ahead and release a mixtape with all his Desi Versions of hit songs. I'll be patient.

12. Another Infamous Drake Vine, The Airball Occurrence

13. This "Girls Love Beyonce" Parody

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