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    The Scientific Reason For Why You Fight At Night

    The reason may surprise you

    Late at night, before you turn into bed, have you ever found yourself being annoyed by the one you're with?

    An evening that becomes wrought with misunderstandings and eye rolling?

    All you want to do is go to sleep but you're irritated enough to stay awake and argue?

    Next time, grab a midnight snack!

    According to research from the National Academy of Sciences, if you're dieting or just missed a meal, at night blood sugar levels take a nose-dive and is at it's lowest of the day.

    The result? You become more irritable, aggressive, and moody – more likely to freak out as the dip in low blood sugar trips off hormones that make you feel grouchy.

    So if you find yourself feeling crabby at night, try grabbing a handful of nuts or some fruit, both of which are great snacks that'll keep your blood sugar levels steady.

    (Note: I can't guarantee that if you try this during your next squabble, you still won't think about stabbing your partner with your snacking fork)