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If You've Ever Read A Book Or Wanted A Tattoo, You HAVE To Read About This Awesome Tattoo Artist/Writer

The writers of today no longer use Word.

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The idea to tattoo his book came to him after he had finished it, when he realized that only a few people were going to read the book in actual book form.

Cortesía de Fausto Alzati

Alzati told BuzzFeed México: "I had a book of poems finished in my notebooks, but I wasn't very excited by the prospect of publishing it for only a small number of readers just to make myself feel clever. I decided it would be better to write it on people, on living flesh, and for it to circulate around the world in a new way, giving the words and the poetry the weight they deserve."


The collection of poems will be released as both a book and a documentary.

Instagram/ @agujasytinta

Fausto is planning to put the actual book together using photos of the tattoos, in addition to making an exhibition of the portraits of the people who participated in the project and a documentary in which people can follow "the movement of the verses."

If you want to be part of this living book, contact Fausto Alzati here.

This post was translated from Spanish.