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    Posted on Apr 4, 2017

    14 Things You'll Only Get If You're Approximately 12 Inches Taller Than Your BFF

    You will never be able to share clothes :(

    1. You've been asked if she's your little sister.

    She's just shorter than me!

    2. Or worse, if she's your daughter.

    NBC / Via

    Why would she be my daughter? How old do you think I am/she is???

    3. You can never share clothes.


    It's kind of comical when you try.

    4. Going to concerts is a nightmare.

    Brianajackson / Getty Images

    You can see everything perfectly fine, but since she can't, you spend the entire show moving to different places so she can see better.

    5. And sometimes you lose her in the crowd.

    Hulu / Via

    But then she always finds you super fast because you're like a tower and there's no missing you.

    6. She gloats when she buys heels because she can finally get up to your level with them.

    Well, not really... but it's great that she gets so excited.

    7. When you're the one wearing heels, you look like a monster next to her.


    Your BFF is now at elbow level. Casual.

    8. You always get to listen to her dad's jokes about how tall you are.

    ABC / Via

    "What's the weather like up there, kid?"

    "Hey, don't you get dizzy at that height?"

    9. When you go out, she always gets asked for her ID, even in the most divey bars, just because she looks younger.

    FOX / Via

    Yet they let you go right on in.

    10. Taking selfies is a problem.

    And heaven forbid she wants to tell you some gossip or show you something on her phone. You've had to crouch down to her level so often, you now wear the ~hunchback of friendship~ with pride.

    11. Sometimes you use her to rest your arms.

    And she gets mad, but she understands that you must get very tired being that tall.

    12. And sometimes it seems as if you came into this world simply to retrieve items from tall shelves.

    Batke / Getty Images

    Going grocery shopping together inevitably turns into: "Could you grab that for me?"

    13. She always says that you walk too fast, but really it's just that your legs are longer.

    20th Century Fox Television

    "OMG, WHY do you walk so fast?"

    14. When you hug, her head is always at a... strategic height.

    You're already used to having her head at boob level. But she's your BFF, why wouldn't you hug her!!

    Still, you're the best of friends and you wouldn't change a thing about one another for the world.

    Ximena Rojo / BuzzFeed México

    This is me with my shorter BFF, and no, she's not my little sister.


    This post was translated from Spanish.

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