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  • Dealing With The Elder Scrolls Legacy: Fast Travel

    Elder-Realm is pleased to present one of our new weekly channels: Fus Ro Blah! So sit down and get ready to take a journey through The Elder Scrolls and the Fast Travel conundrum! Anybody else have a grating urge to show Ajira who’s boss? Let us know in the comments. View the article ,a href=” 

  • Triple Threat: The Factions Of The Elder Scrolls Online

    Introducing Elder-Realm’s Jeremy Toste and his new channel, Toste’s Block. Jeremy will be posting articles regarding a whole range of topics but as they relate to this being a players first MMO. The Elder Scrolls series has primarily been a single player series but with The Elder Scrolls Online this breaks that mold. There will undoubtedly be tens of thousands of new players that have yet to experience MMO game-play.

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