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    19 Things You Can Send To Your Bestie Right Now, Because Why Not?

    Best friends for life, duh!

    1. Treat them to some TLC with this therapeutic bath and shower letterbox gift set they can pamper themselves with!

    2. A pair of cosy microwaveable boots that just so happen to be lavender scented, so they can bask in some aromatherapy goodness in the comfort of their own home.

    3. An overnight berry lip treatment mask that'll plump and hydrate! It's got hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, an amino-acid complex, and caffeine to help take their lips from 0-100.

    4. Take them to the cinema (at home) thanks to this miniature smartphone projector that has an 8x magnifying lens to watch the Twilight movies back to back!

    5. A rejuvenative pomegranate, acai, goji, and mango-infused peel-off face mask that'll help keep their skincare in ~check.~

    6. This small-but-mighty grill is a griddle, hot plate, and toastie machine all in one. If you were looking for something that you just *know* would make them smile, it's surely got to be a cheese toastie.

    7. A trio of aromatherapy rollerballs they'll be able to use by rolling onto the pulse points of their body (temples, neck, behind ears, and wrists) – perfect if your bestie deserves some relaxation.

    8. They'll fall in love with this dead sea salt and coconut body scrub! It's got sweet almond oil to get rid of dead skin and brighten the complexion, as well as argan oil to help with blemishes.

    9. A super-pigmented 40-colour eyeshadow palette full of gorgeous mattes and shimmers. It'll have your bestie SLAYING their makeup all the way from neutral to vibrant, colourful looks.

    10. A clip-on, rechargeable, and portable selfie ring light with three adjustable levels of brightness, so they'll be able to take bomb-ass selfies anywhere and everywhere.

    11. If they've got a sweet tooth, then they'll love this personalised hamper box of biscuits and chocolates!

    12. Whether they're up for a cuppa or even some coffee, this personalised marble design mug is 100% going to put a smile on their face (I mean, just look at it, it's beautiful).

    13. This one-size-fits-all oversized, sherpa-lined blanket hoodie that looks soooo cosy, I'll personally be adding it to my basket.

    14. Besties can tell each other literally anything, so go ahead and tell your BFF they're in need of some pampering with these gold under-eye masks. They're designed to help de-puff tired under eyes, hydrate the skin, and reduce inflammation.

    15. An armchair caddy with multiple pockets for their belongings so they'll be able to stay GLUED to their sofa (and honestly who wouldn't want that?!).

    16. For your bestie who likes to wear black, this set of ten black bath bombs are sure to be the ultimate pick-me-up for their inner goth!

    17. Isn't this Bluetooth narwhal shower speaker the *CUTEST* thing you've ever seen?! All your bestie has to do stick it to their bathroom wall and they'll be singing along to Ariana Grande whilst shampooing their hair in no time.

    18. If they've got a sweet tooth, then they'll be obsessed with this hand-blended toffee vodka! It's a deliciously smooth blend of vodka and caramel – perfect for a summer's day.

    19. Your #bestie will think of you whenever they use one of these fun stemless wine glasses!