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    28 Gifts To Keep Kids Entertained This Christmas For Under A Tenner

    They're bound to love these!

    1. Make bath time more fun with this Slime Baff powder! It's skin-safe and won't dye the bathtub or clog up the drains.

    2. Put their minds to the test with this Frozen-themed search-and-find book. If they're fans of Olaf, they'll for sure love this.

    3. They'll have heaps of fun with this jewellery craft collection. It'll let them make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so much more.

    4. These LED light-up gloves have six different colour-changing modes to keep the little ones excited during the winter season.

    5. Let their creativity run wild with this backpack they can colour in themselves. They'll get five coloured pens, and the bag is machine washable so they can redesign it whenever they want.

    6. They're sure to love this paint-your-own ceramic tea set! It comes with paints, brushes, and a guide for them to come up with their own fun and artsy designs.

    7. This indoor air-powered football will come in very handy if you have a younger sibling who loves the sport! It has LED colour-changing lights and soft bumpers to keep belongings safe.

    8. Put their knowledge to the test with this pocket-sized footy game to see if they recognise some of the world’s most famous football players!

    9. Fans of Fortnite are bound to be glad when they find this cute little beanie sitting underneath the Christmas tree.

    10. They'll have hours of fun thanks to this UNO card game that's a classic for a reason.

    11. These washable paints from Crayola are safe on the skin and even wash out of most clothes! They're great for art projects and come in six different colours to choose from.

    12. If they're obsessed with Among Us then they'll love these cute little plushies inspired by the popular game! I'm 99.9% sure they're going to want to collect them all.

    13. This adorable cat-shaped headband is going to be purrrfect for your younger sibling who's obsessed with watching beauty tutorials on YouTube.

    14. These fun little monster trucks are a great way to keep little ones occupied. They don't require any batteries either!

    15. They'll be able to create their very own crystal geode bath bombs with this DIY kit. Everything they'll need is included in the kit, all they have to do is add water!

    16. This gift set of lip balms look good and taste great too!

    17. They can deck out their belongings with this 50-pack of stickers.

    18. At the age of 23, I can honestly say I would be grateful to receive this selection of delicious retro sweets. From Parma Violets to Refreshers, they'll be spoilt for choice!

    19. Go ahead and buy them their very own jam-packed cookbook this Christmas! It's filled with different recipes they're sure to enjoy making.

    20. If you know a kid who's into slime, this Elmer's DIY kit allows them to make their own!

    21. Let's be real, who wouldn't want to receive this giant Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar?

    22. This highly useful Nintendo Switch carry case could come in very handy if you've got a younger sibling that owns the handheld console. It even comes with a pouch for extra controllers and cables.

    23. This 67-piece art set is filled with pens, pencils, crayons, and paints! It's perfect for aspiring artists.

    24. Give them a taste of outer space with this astronaut-style freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream sandwich!

    25. This Women in Science book will teach them about 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world as we know it today!

    26. They'll be entertained for hours on end with this 1,000-piece Disney puzzle.

    27. And if they're fans of Disney, then they'll love these incredibly fun Top Trump cards! The pack contains 500 mind-boggling questions that'll test their knowledge and love for all things Mickey Mouse.

    28. They'll love this colour-changing remote-controlled flying helicopter drone!