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    17 Products You Can Buy From Yes I Want It That'll Help Make Your Home Feel So Chilled Out

    These products are sure to turn your home into a sanctuary!

    1. This gorgeous trio of Sass & Belle mini boho cement planters to house your botanicals.

    2. Brighten up the room with this abstract gold hanging mirror that'll hold your jewellery.

    3. This vintage-style lava lamp has *all* of the retro, chilled-out vibes you need.

    4. This stunning berbe-style, diamond tufted rug is sure to inject some life into even the smallest of home spaces.

    5. Or how about this incredibly cute Arizona-inspired tufted cushion that'll definitely add some cosiness to your home.

    6. Bring some joy into your space with this pastel pink natural soy wax candle that'll have you doing your best Gemma Collins impression every time you say "hun."

    7. This floating wooden frame with pressed flower detailing is ~perfect~ for anyone wanting to enjoy the great outdoors while staying inside.

    8. If you like the floating wooden frame, then you'll love these pressed flower glass coasters – perfect for welcoming spring into your home.

    9. This pomegranate and fig-scented candle is the *ultimate* way to tell everyone that your home is a no-hate, chilled out zone.

    10. If you're a lover of all things celestial, this moon shelf will most likely be a *very* welcome addition to your home!

    11. This colourful A3 print is honestly so gorgeous, I'm adding it to my basket right now.

    12. These string lights comes with ten illuminated positive messages you can interchange to help make your home feel like the safest space of all.

    13. Or maybe this super chic gold cactus lamp that'll have people saying "ooh, where'd you get that?"

    14. A pastel pink 2-in-1 retro speaker that'll play the radio as well as your own personal tunes via Bluetooth – did we mention how *sleek* it looks?

    15. If you're into bohemian-style furniture, then feast your eyes on this Sass & Belle large rattan mirror that'll look good in pretty much every room of your home.

    16. This set of four porcelain abstract face coasters to help bring some monochrome to your kitchen space.

    17. Want to give your old flowers a second life? This book will provide you with all the techniques to incorporate them into your home.