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    • xanderf2

      Because of the nonsensical movement claiming that GMOs are dangerous, for example, labeling your food as being linked to the acronym would beadeath sentence. Labeling would beafair option if people had unbiased opinions. Ipersonally would prefer in many cases to support organizations that put out genetically modified foods. Did you know that picking and choosing which plants to breed with one another to produce the ideal combination has beenapractice performed by farmers for hundreds of years? The same thing can now be done more precisely without wasting time and effort on failed experiments. If we didn’t have advances in agriculture such as genetic modification, we would need more pesticides to produce less food. Because of the work by people like Norman Borlaug (who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on GMOs), at leastabillion people on this planet have food who otherwise would not. Seriously. Doalittle bit of research on your own before you start blasting away at the science that helps our species persist on this planet.

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