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3 Rumors About The "Legend Of Zelda" Live-Action Netflix Show

While details are spotty, the classic video game franchise is finally hitting the big(ger) screen. Let the rumor mill begin.

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On Friday, the Associated Press announced that Netflix is developing a live-action TV show based on The Legend of Zelda.

However, when pressed for more details, Netflix & Nintendo did not respond to a request for a comment.

But without any details, we can start the rumor mill right here, right now.

Rumor #1: Jonathan Potts, the voice actor from the 1989 animated TV series, will play Link.

Yes, the guy responsible for Link's iconic "Excuse ME, princess! will jump, dash, and fight as Link in the live-action show. Does it matter that Jonathan Potts is 50 years old? Does it matter that there are other more notable actors on the market who could play the part of Link? Absolutely not. Mr. Potts played Link once before. He can do it again.

Rumor #2: The live-action show will be interactive, so that people can play along with the show like a game.

Shows these days are always looking for ways to connect more with their audience. Most shows use social media as their tool of choice. But for Zelda's big live-action TV debut, Netflix wants a fully immersive experience.

When the show airs, viewers will be able to use their mouse and keyboard to interact with the show when they're prompted. This will give the viewer the sense that they're playing a Zelda game while they're watching the show. It'll be a fun quirk for new Zelda fans, as well as a familiar feeling for experienced players.

Rumor #3: Gwonam will be in the show.


That's right! Everyone's favorite wizard from Koridai will appear in full garb in the live-action version of Zelda. While no actor has been confirmed, you can be sure that Gwonam's catchphrase "Squadala!" will be a trending hashtag on Twitter for weeks after the episodes air.

What do you think about Zelda's live-action reboot?

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