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Funny Dog Training...Who's Training Who?

A funny video of dog taking his canine good citizen test.

Bo 9 years ago

A Double Dog Dare for the Today Show

Hey TODAY SHOW, Listen Up! This is Bo, the best dog typist in the world. No, I don’t play piano like the cat you recently had on your show. Although the word ‘play’ is being generous to what I witnessed. No, I didn’t save my family from a fire like Buddy, the German Shepherd, you just interviewed, but I did save them from themselves. Where’s my fifteen minutes of fame for that?

Bo 9 years ago

Dog Has Frog in His Throat

Goliath showing off his linguistic skills, or...he swallowed Kermit.

Bo 9 years ago

Five Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

I'm often asked by other canines why some humans prefer cats to dogs. With everything a dog offers, it seems illogical to them, and in fact is. Dogs aren't called man's best friend for nothing so here's a limited list of reasons why the canine species is preferred over felines.

Bo 9 years ago

What's Your Dog Thinking?

“Bo, a shelter rescue dog with his own blog, gives up the dog's point of view on his life, his family, cats, etc. This is a hilariously funny, sometimes sarcastic, 15-year account of one dog's home life with Mom and Dad. This is one book dog lovers won't be able to put down." --American Dog

Bo 9 years ago

The Top 10 Clouds Shaped Like Dogs

Do you remember your puppy days when you’d lay in a field, look at the sky and use your imagination on the puffs of clouds floating by? Of course in my cloud observation days, I never really got much further than “Hey, that looks like a ball!” or “Hey, that looks like a chewy!” but no one ever accused me of being creative or bright.

Bo 9 years ago

Tiger Woods In The Dog House....

This is just a parody, not affiliated with NY Post in any way. Bo was never seen with Tiger Wood's in the park. Bo Hoefinger is mixed breed shelter dog, known as 'The Human Whisperer.' His out of the dog pen thinking has helped him become a master trainer of humans. He teaches other dogs how to manipulate and control their humans without their knowing it. His amazing insight into canine thinking is what led him to writing his first book, Bad To The Bone: Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger. To learn more about his book and training techniques, visit his site.

Bo 9 years ago

Top 10 Pawfect Gifts Under $50...Something For Every Dog Lover

There are many sites with holiday gift lists for dog lovers but I’ve found most of them have items that are very expensive, not affordable for the average shopper. Since it’s been a tough year financially for almost everyone I decided to make it my mission to come up with great gifts all priced under $50. There is something on this list for everyone, showing you don’t need a lot of money to give a special gift.

Bo 9 years ago

Bo is Bad To The Bone

Get ready for the first published non-fiction memoir written by a dog. The book is a laugh out loud look into the lives of one American family from a truly unique perspective. Read as Bo humiliates...

Bo 10 years ago