15 Books That Might Make You Lose Your Appetite

In case you’re wondering what not to make for dinner…

1. The Un-Constipated Gourmet

When just eating a sack of White Castle burgers doesn’t do the trick.

2. The Original Road Kill Cookbook

Get it while it’s hot! (From the sun as it lays oozing in the road…)

3. Cooking With A Serial Killer

Because sometimes you need a change from liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

4. Testicles: Balls in Cooking and Culture

If you’ve eaten one ball, have you eaten them all?

5. The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook: 40 Ways to Cook Crickets, Grasshoppers, Ants, Water Bugs, Spiders, Centipedes, and Their Kin

Only 40?

6. Twinkie, Deconstructed: My Journey to Discover How the Ingredients Found in Processed Foods Are Grown, Mined (Yes, Mined), and Manipulated into What America Eats

Well, they are indestructible…

7. The Hungoevr Cookbook

Because you puke less when you spell it fancy.

8. Natural Harvest

Semen like you’ve never tasted it before.

9. Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!

Because ovens are so over-rated.

10. Semenology: The Semen Bartender’s Handbook

I hope he washed his hands before making your drink.

11. Creepy Crawly Cuisine: The Gourmet Guide to Edible Insects

One can never have enough insect recipes.

12. Quick-Fix Cooking with Roadkill

Stop the car! Dinner’s ready!

13. Gross-Out Cakes

Or you could just hide a booger in a regular cake…

14. Contingency Cannibalism: Superhardcore Survivalism’s Dirty Little Secret

Because you just never know when you might have to eat your best friend. Burp.

15. Mini-Mart a la Carte: Tasty Recipes for the Convenience Store Connoisseur

For when you want a little snack with your eCigs and lottery tickets.

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