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13 Things That Happen When You're A Brit Studying Abroad In The U.S.

"Yes, I do know the Queen - lovely lady!"

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1. Everyone assumes you're from London.

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2. You will be asked to "say something British"

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3. Everybody will stare at you in wonder when you give a class presentation.

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4. You will realise that McDonald's comes low on the fast food chain. It's all about Taco Bell and Chipotle

5. People will question why you're "dressed so fancy" if you aren't wearing gym clothes/leggings

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6. You will learn to appreciate the importance of beer pong

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7. You will see mac & cheese as a pizza topping, and temporarily lose your shit

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8. You will start to use American phrases completely unironically

9. Mid-terms will be your hell

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10. You will be asked to teach British swear words

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11. You'll find that sharing a room takes some navigation

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12. But you will never want to leave

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13. Because it means leaving your new best friends

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