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Things Only People In Love Understand

Isn't the world a beautiful place?

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1. Having to wait to watch a show so you can watch it with your significant other.

2. Enjoying wearing your man's jacket.

3. Whenever your other has to leave, you're heartbroken.

4. Missing your other so much it drives you mad.

5. Finding ways to sneak kisses becomes the best game ever.

6. And the obvious PDA is fun, too.

7. Gossiping to your friends about your very amazing romance.

8. Getting way too excited to see your other.

9. Resorting to your elementary school vocabulary because he/she takes away your thought process when they look at you like THAT.

10. The beauty of a love letter.

11. Encouragement from your other encourages you more than anyone else.

12. The way he/she makes your heart race in the sweetest way.

13. Giant public displays of love. Perfect promposal? Proposal? Sky message? I'm already bawling.

14. And your other. DUH.

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